Localising A Global Creative Positioning

Global Creative Positioning - Action in the home 1
Global Creative Positioning - Action in the home 3
Global Strategy Needs Local Translation

The strategy team at our client, a creative agency based in New York, were pitching to retain an account and had developed a global creative positioning. They needed to ensure the creative demonstrated cultural nuance and local texture for each of the individual markets.

We spoke with Sensers from our Network to bring to life the story of “home is where the action is today” in Thailand, UAE, Turkey, Mexico, Germany. Each Senser was selected for their unique perspectives and experiences.

What Does Action In The Home Mean? Show Us. Tell Us

We collaborated with three Sensers in each of Thailand, Turkey, UAE, Germany and Mexico; fifteen Sensers in total.

We asked them to show us what action in the home meant to them. They took photographs that showed their home being used in different ways. We saw dinners, house parties, intimate gatherings, workspaces. We gave the Sensers license to interpret “action in the home” and really show us all of what that means to them.

We asked them to tell us what action in the home meant to them. They wrote about the different ways they entertain, socialise and create action in the home. They described what home means to them and how this is changing.

We learned about the shifting meaning of home in a rapidly urbanizing Thailand. We learned how side hustles have grown the definition of “action in the home can” to encompass solitary work pursuits. We learned how staying in is the new going out in Germany but in Thailand home is a special place reserved for only the closest friends and family.

“In Thailand, action in the home means to forge deep bonds with your family. It’s very rare to bring friends to your home.”
Tarin, Bangkok

We Explored More Deeply

We learned a lot from what we were shown and told but we chose to go deeper still. There’s nothing like hearing people describe their thoughts and opinions in their own voice to get a deep insight into what something means to them.

We facilitated conversations via phone between our client team and individual Sensers in each market. There was an opportunity to follow up on what we’d learned through the show and tell activity; to ask questions; to explore deeper meaning; to open up new lines of questioning; and to stress test hypotheses and emerging creative ideas.

Faster, Better Results

This Snapshot enabled us to tell the local story behind the global creative strategy “home is where the action is today”. We worked at speed to deliver actionable insights that helped to inspire the creative team.

From briefing to delivery of the show and tell outputs took 9 days.

Three days later and we had completed the phone conversations.

The client team got lots of rich human stories that added texture and nuance to make the creative execution locally relevant.