Designing For The Future Of Work

anywheres subscription box
“We often underestimate the need to check ideas and assumptions with others. The insightful feedback we got from The Sense Network gave us all we needed to change direction and develop something we are really proud of.”

Lyreco Group Ideation Manager

Unlocking future growth when your competition are on your tail

The concept of work is changing. Shifting social norms, evolving workplace culture and advances in technology give people the freedom and flexibility to work from anywhere they want – whether that’s at home, remotely, in co-working spaces, on planes or in far-away places. In fact, research suggests that there will be a billion digital nomads by 2035.

The innovation team at Lyreco, a global office supply company, approached us with a challenge. Looking towards this nomadic future, they had designed a successful MVP; Anywheres. This new brand was that aimed to offer remote workers access to support, advice and kit but the first iteration of the Anywheres site showed that sales were slow to pick up.

Lyreco wanted us to help unlock future sales growth… and who better to do that with that in collaboration with their future consumers?

Designing with the nomads so they design for them

By talking to Sensers with diverse working lifestyles around the world, we designed an iterative 2-loop approach to help better understand what Anywhere’s future could look like. From a globally nomadic MD working between Bali, Sydney and London, to a home worker in Mexico City and remote journalist and young mum in London; our Sensers became an extension of Lyreco’s innovation team and collaborated with us to help them:

  • Understand how the brand can better meet the needs of digital nomads, both practically and emotionally
  • Uncover the need-states and pain-points associated with the lifestyle and mindset of remote and home workers
  • Identify opportunities to elevate the brand ecosystem including site, content, products and messaging.

The future of Anywheres: Don’t outpace your competition, outsmart them.

The frank, reflective and articulate feedback from Sensers allowed Lyreco to validate and build confidence in their fundamental concept. Not only that, but by working with The Sense Network they were shown a better way to support their consumers long term.

The Sensers illuminated opportunities outside the existing store offering; opportunities that created an offering Lyreco could credibly own and defend. They were given the inspiration and confidence they needed to design their next product; the Anywheres’ Subscription Box.

“I would be interested in a subscription service of all the things I need on a regular basis, and I could add or remove items from this service. This would make expensing much easier for me and would really simplify my life.” Kate, 38

“I would look into a subscription type model, somewhere between Amazon Pantry and something that doesn’t exist yet. I can imagine that I could come to and order a new notebook or set of pens that gets delivered automatically every 3/6/12 months. I could also subscribe to something like a “healthy worker” subscription that sends me a few snacks that aid a healthy working, maybe also “scenic worker” which delivered small plants every now and then.” Dan, 31


Having launched a pilot of this subscription service before Christmas 2018, they received further validation to the concept and relaunched at scale with the current version that was made available in September 2019.

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