Decoding Depop’s Buyer With The Sense Network

Decoding The Depop Buyer
Decoding The Depop Buyer
How we collaborated with The Sense Network to develop the first ever set of buyer personas for high growth fashion start up Depop.

App-based social marketplace Depop came to us to collaborate with The Sense Network to build a better and more robust understanding of its potential target audiences across the UK and US. Armed with a wealth of internal knowledge and experience they had great hunches about who their buyers might be… And who they wanted them to be. But are they really all hip trendsetters?

A high growth venture with ambitious growth targets and currently in the process of strengthening internal business structures, Depop was looking to zoom out and take a big picture view. With the aim to increase platform penetration of 16-24 year-old mobile fashion buyers, the Network was tasked to bring to life and provide texture to Depop’s buyer personas in an effort to help internal teams and get to the heart of what makes their consumers tick; their values, motivations, lifestyle attitudes and behaviours. As well as bringing their segments to life we were asked to identify segment size, gauge the total addressable market and diagnose spending power and brand awareness.

To find out, we took them on a collaborative eight weeks journey that consisted of two phases of research with respondents based in London, NYC and LA.

Going Wide: Defining The Audience

First up we ran an exploratory quantitative survey with a sample of 900 respondents to explore category and spending behaviours and attitudes from which we identified distinct buyer personas with statistical robustness.

Going Deep: Empathising With The Personas

We then ran diary-style deep dives and conducted in-depth interviews to bring to life archetypes for each of the personas. Collaborating with select members from The Sense Network who epitomise the different buyer personas allowed us to add colour and empathise with the segments. Inviting us into their lives and allow us to step into their worlds – their bedrooms, wardrobes and shopping journeys – we were able to develop the human story behind the personas.

In developing Depop’s Foundational Buyer Personas we laid a strong foundation to build upon and help generate insights that will inspire and underpin the company’s marketing strategy for the future.

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