The Almond Consumer

Blue Diamond

The Almond Consumer
The Almond Consumer
The Almond Consumer
The Almond Consumer

Creating A Consumer Vision To Drive Future Growth

// Words from our client:

“A huge thanks to Sense Worldwide for your collaboration and attention to detail in creating such a beautiful book that will be left as my legacy for Blue Diamond. It exceeded all our expectations and would not have been possible without your drive, due diligence and creativity.”
Director of Insight, Blue Diamond Growers

// Elevator Pitch:

We designed this book of insights to help Blue Diamond better understand their global consumer and prepare the business for future growth.

Designed from the synthesis of +100 internal and external research documents and over 16 hrs of internal stakeholder interviews, The Almond Consumer book brought to life the consumer for this leading Almond cooperative in North America. Universally celebrated as a step change for the business as they look to develop their future, consumer-centric innovation pipeline.

// Client need:

Our client’s business was transforming and they were looking for a tool that aligned and inspired both existing and new team members in a common goal for the future.

Despite having 100s of historic research documents and an exceptional and insightful collective understanding of the business they were in, there was no central repository to enable team members to access this rich, inspirational data.

Efforts at better understanding their consumer was conducted at brand level. However, with a new innovation pipeline in development, they needed an asset that socialised the incredible growth opportunity within the consumer landscape.

// SWW solution:

We knew that our client didn’t need another research deck. They needed a synthesis of their existing data into an inspirational and engaging narrative. And that’s what we gave them….

An (almond paper) bound story of the world of the almond consumer. From a brief history of the cooperative, to the evolving landscape and purchase drivers of their current consumer, to a dive into the brand ecosystem and future innovations that could potentially affect the business as they grow. This book brought their consumer to life in way that had not been done before and it was a resounding success, both internally and externally.

The process was the product of the synthesis over 100 internal and external research documents and 16 hrs of internal stakeholder interviews and resulted in over 90 pages of inspirational hindsight, insight and foresight for the business.

// Added value:

The Almond Consumer book built on the foundation hindsight and insight within the business and gave readers hope and inspiration for the future. It was such a success that it has been lauded as an asset all members of staff will be inducted into the cooperative with as well the content now being adapted to decorate the walls of their new Consumer Division offices. There have even been requests to use the beautiful book externally as a showcase of the business’s future potential.