The Nonsensical – Electric Doodles, Mobitecture and more…

It’s the last Friday of June and that means that tomorrow is not only July… but it’s also a Saturday and that makes us VERY happy.

But not as happy as conductive paint, getting told you’re smart for forgetting that important meeting earlier or seeing what some architectural wizards have got planned for mobile architecture.

wizard gif

Nonsensical [non-sen-si-kuh l]

A weekly summation of all the cool stuff we see on the internet (and real-life)… ready and waiting for your procrastination pleasure on a Friday afternoon…

Feast your faces on these gems. #TGIF

Don’t forget. Or Do.

Researchers have found out that being forgetful might actually mean you’re pretty smart.

*Sense HQ fistbump*

Circuit Painting

Who needs light switches when you’ve got doodles? These guys have developed a paint that conducts electricity and the office are already planning our redesign…

Finding The Missing Women of Hollywood

This tech helps researchers study gender disparity in films so we can suss out how the characters we see on-screen affect the roles we play in society…

*Just off to watch Brave*

The Rise of Mobitecture

Nope, not a range of high spec DJ plinths. These new designs explore the future of architecture on the move.

No filters here.

This guy takes insane pictures inside gemstones using photomicrography. It’s pretty psychedelic and we’re in love.

Peace Out

Danny J. Sanchez
Credit: Danny J. Sanchez

And this. Just because.