Welcome To Project Atta!

Last week we received an email from Tokyo. Jaime Garcia, a Senser in the city, needed The Sense Network’s help. He was on the hunt for diverse, smart and global perspectives that would help him design better, more conscious human-robot collaborations for every aspect of our daily activities, work, interactions and art.

In short. He needed your help.

Read on to find out how you can, and more about Jaime and the project.

humans robots
designing a human x robot experience for all

Jaime is working with a Japanese company Incubion who focus on ‘Robot Experience Design’. They aim to give everyone in the world – irrespective of whether they are tech-savvy or not – the opportunity to learn about what robots are out there, as well as what makes them special. Ultimately allowing us all to recognise and identify real-world applications for human-robot collaborations

Current conversations around Robots are confusing and Incubion is well aware of the contrasting views that the East and West hold about robotics. On the one hand, they are thought to provide opportunities for the people we care about to live a more meaningful life. On the other, they are seen as a menace that may eventually take over human roles in society.

Jaime says, “these polar views are simply the consequence of being walking blindfolded towards the introduction of a near future. What’s important is that we’re educated. We need to increase robot literacy by providing accessible, accurate and up-to-date information to responsibly evolve the conversation for the future.”

so, why ‘project atta!’?

In Japanese, the ‘Atta!’ exclamation is used when something has been finally found. Well, when a person is looking for information about robots, Incubion want to be the reason for this exclamation: Robot, Atta!

am i right for this project?

Whether you’re a robot sceptic or a lover, use robots in your work or just love watching them on TV; we want to hear from you. The more people that share their opinions and feedback at this stage, the better product Jaime and his team can design for the future.

sounds great. how do i get involved?

The link below leads to a simple survey designed by Jaime to get a better idea of what the current state of understanding is around robots from across the world.

Those that feedback will be given exclusive access to Jaime’s final report; the findings and observations that are considered key to understanding a future with robots, and how these robots can be better understood by everyone.

There will also be the chance to stay up to date with future results and, if the project is successful long term, be given memberships to the final Database for future work.

We look forward to colliding your world view with Jaime’s! 

About Jaime:

Jaime Garcia is a product designer that has lived in Tokyo for almost 4 years.

“Apart from other projects, I have been building my professional profile as creative mentor, focused on startups and local communities in search of inspiration and added value to their different initiatives.

I joined the Network almost 3 years ago; in 2017 we ran a Tokyo immersion for the Pepsico team in order to define the future of retail by understanding new technologies in general, and the details behind vending machines in particular (read more about that here).

This Tokyo immersion was done in collaboration with Incubion Inc. A local startup promoting something they define as ‘Robot Experience Design’:  Finding the sweet spot between robotics, technology experts and society in general.” 


About Incubion:

Incubion Inc. is a Japan-based company focused on developing feasible scenarios for robots, by introducing them to a variety of productive environments as well as socialising new technologies to people in general in order to build a common ground where robots can participate.  

By promoting the idea of a future living with robots, Incubion finds different ways to build a better relationship between robots and society, going beyond the industrial mindset and contemplate ‘robots for everyone’