Drawn To The Fringe

By Eve Marx

This August, I was lucky enough to be invited by the Scottish Storytelling Centre as an artist in residency for their exhibition, Drawn to Edinburgh. Strongly attached to this city, I knew going back to it at such a crazy time of the year would be the perfect time to get to meet up with creatives and culturally interested people to discuss what exactly makes the Scottish capital such a great place to establish yourself.

For me, Edinburgh always has been a city that values individuality and action, with a strong sense of support between its inhabitants. I was curious to meet with people who make the city great through collaboration and creativity and ask them what represents the Fringe for them – be it a theatre crash course, a crazy family reunion or a just a plain sensory overload.

As we discuss what makes the city so special during and outside the Fringe, I asked all of them to take part in a special double portrait – some sort of ‘draw me / draw you’ experiment.

To see their artworks and testimonies, read the full interviews below…

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