Sense Supper Clubs // Stockholm Edition

The Stockholm edition of Sense Supper Clubs collided liked-minded people from worlds unlike one another to share their work and side-projects and to passionately debate on subjects such as climate anxiety, electric scooters, introversion… and legumes.

By Senser co-hosts, Solveig & Åsa.

Sense Supper Club Quote
Meet the table

Solveig // Storyteller & Dance Addict
Åsa // Curious Culture Consultant
Sebastian // Data Scientist & Wine Buff
Rachel // Butter Loving Globe Trotter
Javier // Free Soul into Synchronicity
Ludvig // Entrepreneur, Product & People Guy
Divya // Pulse Nerd & Traveller
Erik // Company Developer
Norhan // Journalist & Parisian at Heart
Jill // Founder, Editor & Crossfit Lover
Carl-Arvid // Creator and Happiness Hunter

Check out our Instagram story of the evening, and meet all the guests, here.

Stockholm Sense Supper Club

Here are some of the big, sometimes weird, topics that were hotly debated around the table with passion and intelligence:
  • What makes a company fail? And does it have something in common with Van Gogh? Are failures a sign of a product-market mismatch?

  • Are we being “greenwashed”?  Are we giving a generation anxiety over climate change when really, their role in it is minuscule? How much can and should one person do?
  • Are electric scooters REALLY good for the environment? Or our mental health? Or are they encouraging us to live more hectic, stressed lives?

  • Peanuts are legumes. Cashews are nuts. But what is a fruit?! “The definition of a fruit is seeds.”  Or is it?

  • Speaking of fruits: Are peaches really better if peeled with your left hand? (Wait…peeling peaches is a thing?)

  • What does it mean to be an introvert or extrovert? And is it innate, or conditioned? Is there a “magic number” of people at a dinner table where both introverts and extroverts feel comfortable and can speak up equally?

Want a taster of the what extraordinary conversations evolve when worlds collide? Here are some links to the brain food that was shared around the table on the night…
  • The Karma app: reducing food waste or increasing consumerism? Love it or loathe it, it’s something worth checking out, both for your brain and your tastebuds.

  • The Impossible Burger: an article about the meat-free burger which actually “bleeds”. Because whaaaaat?

  • 8 deepfake examples that terrified the internet: Whether you love AI, like Sebastian, or are terrified of it, like Carl-Arvid, there’s no denying deepfakes are having an impact!

  • Baljväxtakademin: What are pulses and why are they awesome? Check out Divya’s work with the Swedish Pulses Society. Go learn something new!
  • Carl-Arvid’s LinkedIn profile. Because he’s looking for a CTO, and also, if you didn’t get a chance to try the squat game… (And vote for a name for it!)
  • Videos of Solveig’s professional bellydance group – and a signup link for the ladies and gents who want to take classes!

  • LittleBearAbroad: Jill’s company and website helping increase international talent retention in Sweden, by helping expat parents with kids settle in.

Check out some snaps of the evening below:
If you’d like to join us around the table, register to attend in your city here.
You can read about the conversations around the table in Mexico City here.