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Five Must-Read Newsletters To Expand Your Mind

Newsletters. Are they good? Deposits of electronic knowledge delivered to you wherever you are? Or are they bad? Jamming up your inbox and blowing your notifications out of control?

We’re quite fond of them here at Sense HQ, but admit that you need to dig around for the good ones. And so, we would love to share our favourite newsletters with you! We like to think these are good newsletters to keep you updated with what’s happening in the world, expand your mind and give you a little inspiration (and a laugh) along the way.

We’d also love to hear if you have any newsletter recommendations for us! Let us know on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter! 

Emma Suggests . . . Futurism

A great newsletter exploring what the future could look like. From AI to Architecture and Enhanced Humans to Energy; it gives you a great distillation of some of the emerging trends and research that’s happening across a variety of fields.

Futurism: Science & Technology News
Source: Futurism

Neil Suggests . . . Chicken Shed Chronicles by DO Lectures

Part of an encouragement network that inspires people to DO things better. The newsletter is only sent once a week and is image-led with a clear headline for each story, so it’s easy to decide if you want to read more or not.

Chicken Shed Chronicles by DO Lectures
Source: Chicken Shed Chronicles by DO Lectures

Alex suggests . . . Quartz Daily

A quick and easy download for what’s happening in the world. Quartz Daily gives a broad overview of relevant news without having to dive into the detail. The definition of bite-sized news.

Quarts Daily Brief
Source: Quarts Daily Brief

Courtney suggests . . .Wait But Why

In-depth (and by this I mean long, so put aside a bit of time to read these) pieces on just about anything. Talk about rewiring your brain to think about things in a different way! Also handily accompanied by stick figure drawings and a ton of dry wit.

Wait But Why
Source: Wait But Why

Jeremy suggests . . . The Conversation

A broad variety of concise, easy to digest academic perspectives spanning multiple industries and countries. Some can amuse, some can cause a violent disagreement , but there is always something interesting.

The Conversation
Source: The Conversation

And just because we think you deserve it, here are a few more suggestions straight from members of The Sense Network. Aren’t you lucky?!

  • Jeff suggests . . . The Hollywood Torrent for news and analysis of all things entertainment
  • Ollie suggests . . . Monster Children from people who think fun is the most important thing in life
  • Bhumika suggests . . . Dazed for radical fashion and youth culture

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