Transformation: Easy to say. Difficult to do.

Been there. Seen it. Now we’ve done it.

Towards the end of 2015 it was clear that the innovation consulting space had become more crowded and competitive than ever. Let’s set the scene. There were more consultants (large and small), more creative (and cheaper) workspaces to set up shop and increasingly more scalable and technology based tools and services available to the many, not just the few. Our pioneering boutique approach to innovation was under threat.

business transformation

We had to practice what we preached.

We needed to apply our own innovation lens to the work we were doing. We needed to transform our business to stay ahead of pack. The process started as it always does at Sense Worldwide, by asking better questions. But first we needed to address the fundamentals; do we invest in quantitative tools to extend our services further downstream or do we start placing our own little bets by funding an incubator?

What was clear was that we needed to apply our own creative intelligence.

What made us unique? What were we best in the World at? What did people remember about collaborating with us? The answer was unanimous; the thing that has always differentiated Sense Worldwide was The Sense Network, our global community of highly motivated, visionary, articulate and creative thinkers and doers. So we doubled down and began to invest.

We thought long and hard about the best projects we worked on with The Sense Network; the creative leaps, inspirational insight, extreme collaborations, fast feedback, and breakthrough ideas. We took everything into account as we forged our path forwards to uncover the real value to our interconnected ecosystem of clients, innovators, creatives and Network members.

The result is our focus now; a powerfully connected, global network. They are arbiters of contemporary culture and they have remarkable vision, skills and diverse experience to share.

The Sense Network have the insight and influence and know how to intuitively frame future products, drive credible innovation and develop culturally groundbreaking ideas. They are our crowd and our focus is ensuring you are connected to them and they are connected to each other. We are pleased to report that over the last 18 months every project we have managed has been in deep collaboration with The Sense Network; and it gets better every day. The members are now even collaborating amongst themselves on their own projects, just look at LOVLOS .

Our journey here has been iterative, as any innovation process is by design.

And there are more iterations to come as we fail fast and optimise our approach. Does technology play a part in our future? Probably. Do we want to scale exponentially. Of course. Will our business and The Sense Network look the same this time next year. Absolutely not.

The nature of transformation is, by default, one of constant flux. There is no end goal, only a transformative purpose. And ours is clear. We want to help create, foster and provide access to the most powerful creative community on the planet.

Will you join us on our journey? Damn it, we hope so. It’s unbelievably exciting and we’d love some company for the ride.

Projects we’ve been working on

What is Sexy?

Tapping the cultural intelligence of The Sense Network to get under the skin of sexy and create a new contemporary definition for a global cereal brand.

“This is fricking awesome! Exactly what we are after! Thank you for such a quick turnaround and for such brilliant outputs. This is an excellent piece of work.”
Head of Strategy – Managing Partner BBH / ZAG

Naming a billion dollar brand.

A faster, better more cost effective way to generate and validate a global brand name and identity for a hugely successful water brand.


Danish Craft Snaps.

Fast global feedback for a Danish entrepreneur and member of the Sense Network looking to accelerate his learning for launching a new drinks brand – LOVLOS.


Cryptocurrency ICO.

Defining the an audience for attracting investment in the world’s first blockchain enabled, luxury apartment hotel group and members club.


The Future of Voice Control.

Tapping network creativity to make the complex and abstract world of this emerging technology a simple everyday reality for design and brand teams.


The Future of Vending.

A 12 hour personalised cultural immersion in Tokyo to understand automation, robotics and other phenomena that is likely to share the Future of Vending.


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