Two things we’re dead cert on.

First, it’s our job to discover and nurture ideas within this network. Second? We should all enjoy the benefits of network collaborations, it’s not all about the billion dollar giants! Being the savvy bunch you are, many of you have personal projects or business ideas in the pipeline. Over the next few months we’re launching a number of activities to help Sensers develop their own projects.

First up, is owner of Danish restaurant SNAPS + RYE, Kell Skött . Kell has been part of The Sense Network since it’s inception and is fervently awaiting your feedback on his new product.

Introducing LOVLØS

Back in 2014 Kell and Jacqueline Skött launched SNAPS + RYE, a contemporary Danish restaurant serving Nordic cuisine focusing on produce and provenance. Riding on the success of his first foray into food, Kell is now tackling the alcohol sector. Snaps (or Akvavit) are some of the few products from Denmark that haven’t yet hit the mainstream in the UK. Kell thinks this is soon to change, artisan products are on trend right now and people are keen to discover novel food and drinks.

Kell’s product, LOVLØS, is a smoked toasted rye bread snaps which he brews in his own kitchen. It’s currently sold in SNAPS + RYE and to be stocked at the Royal Albert Hall (to much acclaim). Kell is now ready to roll out LOVLØS to a wider audience.

The Brief

We’re looking for 20 design savvy Sensers from around the world to help take Kell’s product to the next stage. If selected, you’ll be the first to sample a bottle of LOVLØS  in return for feedback on the product taste, packaging, design and overall concept. The product will be sent out from SNAPS + RYE HQ and we’ll ask for your feedback digitally – which means this project is open to all Sensers around the world.

There’s also an exciting opportunity for 12 lucky (UK based) Sensers to attend a  luxury Snaps Masterclass at the SNAPS + RYE restaurant in London during October. We’ll be inviting guests for this dinner at the end of this month.

To get involved email and answer the following questions.

  1. Name, Age, City, Profession
  2. What is your drink of choice?
  3. Tell us why you want to help Kell develop his kick-ass Snaps!

Deadline Friday 8th September.

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