Modern Nomad, Content Creator, Writer and Dream Chaser based in Hong Kong!


Kick off this interview by saying hello!

Hi, my name is Kit. I quit my full time job being an Assistant Brand Manager three years ago and started creating my dream life! Now I’m a brand consultant/content creator/writer/learner & travel planner. I do everything green, wellness and well-being. 

I call myself a modern nomad; I love to travel and live in different places for my tours and personal trips. I’m not an expert but I know “a bit of everything” which allows me to partner-up with different experts.


Tell us what you get up to in the real world… 

I love learning but I don’t like education. 

I love nature but I don’t like the zoo.

I love movement but I don’t like dancing.

I love art but I’d get bored in a museum.

I decided to discover the real learning, real nature, real movement… things really move my heart, I am really passionate about sharing with people these authentic experiences. 

In the last few years, I have travelled to Scotland, London, Paris, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China and Vietnam… I have met and teamed up with like minded people and experts. Together, we design wellness tours, study tours, art retreats etc. These different programs and activities are created to move people’s hearts.

I’m so happy to do what I love. I don’t need to separate my work and private life, I don’t need to wait to retire to be able travel the world, I’m enjoying every moment of it 🙂

Life is a journey of self-discovery, I want to accompany people travel the corners of the world, for a better self and a better earth. 


What keeps you busy?

Building a business is just like farming, after seeding for a few years, I feel like I am at the germination stage now. I’m preparing for my own blog and column about happiness and mental health. I also want to extend my wellness tours to China & Europe and developing a workplace well-being program. Those things seemed separate before, but now are starting to grow together.

So what have I learnt in this journey? I learnt to trust, be persistent and have faith because “To every thing there is a season…a time to plant, and a time to pluck up that which is planted.” 

For people who study and work in business, it’s normal that we want to keep “everything under control” but now I found that there’s another way to work. I can co-create my dream job and dream life with everything around me. I don’t need to closely control things but I surf and dance with it. Walk my own path and shine my own light.


When are you most productive and creative? How do you get into the flow?

I wake up everyday and enjoy my breakfast. I start my day by doing yoga and meditating, then have my breakfast with some fruits, nuts, an egg and bread, serve with biodynamic herbal tea. 

If I have a bit more time, I’d take a walk to the mountains nearby, or I would go to the gym. My morning ritual helps me start the day in a relaxing way. I am productive when I follow my own pace. My most productive moment would be the first few hours at work after my morning ritual.


Tell us about the place you call home… 

As a modern nomad, I have a home in Hong Kong but I always travel and live in different places. Surprisingly, I feel at home in most of the places I have travelled to… ‘Home is where the heart is’, I want to have a home in Hong Kong, Taipei and Shanghai. They are all unique in their own ways. I love the sea and culture in Hong Kong, the food and people in Taipei and the architecture and slow living in Shanghai.


Tell us about the hidden gems that you’d take your visitors & friends to where you live and why you chose them? 

If you come to Hong Kong, I’d definitely take you to Tai O, a fishing village with traditional houses, quiet nature and tasty seafood. I would take you to the hiking trail and the Big Buddha on the way. In the village, you can see the real Hong Kong a hundred years ago and discover the rural area of this international city. 


We at The Sense Network are here to make things better and make better things. If you could change anything about our world and society, what would it be where would you start?

I want to change the perspective and view of “work. I don’t want to be spending most of my time at the office anymore, so, I started making changes to create my dream life. 

Life is about family, personal learning & development, leisure, career and friends, they’re all important to me but why is “work” occupying 5 days out of 7 days in a week? There’s not much time left for other parts of your life. It’s possible to change your work life. I want to increase the happiness of people by improving wellness and well-being in the workplace. I am trying to make change by organising wellness program and retreat for corporate institutions, like retreats for forest therapy, and harvests & make your own food in farmlands or ecovillages. By spending more time in nature and being able to appreciate the little things in life, it helps improving the mental health and productivity of employees in the long term.

I work with a small organization in Hong Kong for their wellness program. Hopefully it will roll out to other corporates in Hong Kong, China and Taiwan in the future. 


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Inspiration from you to us

  • You’ve got to read “Conversation with God” because I believe that it answers a lot of questions about life.
  • Listen to Bill Evans to make you feel peaceful and listen to Ryuichi Sakamoto to make your mind flow.
  • Watch Liziqi on Youtube to inspire your dream life.
  • Sign up to anddownload Coursera to keep up to date with learning. I registered for the course “The Science of Well-Being.”


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