Hipsters, Red Bull and Aeron chairs were all nearly killed by mainstream consumers. Read more about culture and the mainstream here.

New ideas and innovations are rarely found in the mainstream. The mainstream often rejects disruptive new ideas. We have proven this to be true with some of the the most innovative and successful brands in the world. We’ve now opened up our toolkit to help you do this. This is where your future can be found, in The Sense Network.

The Sense Network helps to inspire and incubate new ideas. If your growth strategies aren’t growing the business then seek an alternative view.

When you need to scale up your innovation and insight capabilities, fast. Work iteratively with handpicked Sensers to get you from blank page to launch-ready concepts in ten weeks. Sense Growth System is exponential innovation in practice

In collaboration with The Sense Network we discover and define opportunities. We go wide, we go deep and we develop ideas iteratively. This diverse community will help you to deliver better growth, faster.

90 Countries
450 Projects
1,016 Cities across the globe
20,642 Network contributions

Your Team + The Sense Network. Together we can generate more Creative Intelligence when your process needs it most:

Ask them anything with a Network Shout Out. They can help you to stretch your thinking, discover opportunities, reframe challenges, generate inspiration and insight.

Go deep with a Cultural Snapshot or Sense Immersion. Feel the pulse of consumer and global culture get the inside track on a category or trend.

Sense Check your early ideas or concepts. Experienced and expert Sensers are available on-demand to keep your plans heading in the right direction.

Kamon Ongwandee Bangkok

Kamon: Bangkok based Design Strategist, Trends Consultant, Storyteller and Sustainable Textile...

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Felix Burghardt Amsterdam

Felix Burghardt; a book lover, daydreamer and Service & Experience Designer based in Amsterdam. ...

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Ana La Rosa Barcelona

Ana La Rosa; a designer, illustrator, sustainability lover and foodie based in Barcelona. Hey...

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Stylés Akira Los Angeles

Stylés Akira; a composer, designer, and writer from Los Angeles. Hey I'm... Stylés Akira ...

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Susie Kahlich Berlin

Susie Kahlich; a martial artist, art podcaster and astronomy lover from Berlin. Hey I'm... ...

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Emma Skipper London

Emma Skipper a maker of make believe Hey I'm... Emma Skipper I'm currently based in.. ...

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