The Art Of Imagination: Watch The Winner Annouced!

We believe that innovation is driven by human ingenuity. We call this Creative Intelligence; the ability to understand, interpret and act with imagination. The Sense Network is a home for people with Creative Intelligence and earlier this year we embarked on the #TheArtOfImagination; a global creative experiment to explore the diversity of Creative Intelligence harnessed within The Sense Network. Read on to watch the video of our judges choosing the winning submission…

In collaboration with two international Sensers; Beirut-based artist and human-centred designer, Dima Boulad and London-based print master, plant lover and music enthusiast Yiğit Gürcihan, we designed a set of unique creative elements to put the power of The Sense Network’s imagination to the test.

The Art Of Imagination

Dima’s designed her creative toolkits to cater for any skill and interest to ensure everyone could take part, experiment and play for themselves. From Yiğit’s sticker sets to digital files, these simple toolkits were requested and sent to every continent on the planet and we were completely in awe as submissions rolled in from our international Sensers.

From artists to trend analysts, musicians to mothers, community leads to physicists; no one submission was the same.

The diversity of thought, skillset and creative process that was applied to the elements was mind blowing. Some Sensers chose to teach themselves a new skill, some built on their professional skills, some decided to take over their cities and others opted to try and bring to life their own life story. Each was unique to its creator, which in itself is a powerful reminder that Creative Intelligence is a uniquely human skill and one that should be treasured and developed.

But the judges had to choose a winning submission… and they unanimously voted for Aaron Pinto in Mumbai!

See his submissions and watch the judges discuss the process together below.

Dima said…
“I didn’t know if we were going to agree on the winner or not but, without a shadow of a doubt, our winner is Aaron. When we saw it on instagram we were so so happy with it, it’s mind blowing what he did with negative space. Having the most prominent part of the face as negative space rather than one of the elements was genius.”

Watch the judges discuss the process and debate the winning selection below.

We’d also like to give a special shout out to our runner’s up; Zahra (Dubai), Frances (UK) and Andreiy (Ukraine). Who prove that, once again, The Sense Network is one of the most diverse and creative communities on the planet. The judges were so impressed with the diversity of thought that went into your reinterpretations and creative processes they couldn’t NOT give your efforts a commendation.

A selection of the global entries

If you’d like to request a toolkit and try the experiment out for yourself in your own time, drop Emma an email at