A hot topic here at Sense HQ is how much time we spend on our commute into work, and how easily it can turn into wasted, mind-numbing minutes.

The conversation then turned to solving this waste of precious time and next thing you know, we were swapping podcast recommendations. Here are some great suggestions from the team to try out on your commute.

1) Desert Island Discs

“The best thing about it is Kirsty, the presenter. She is a MASTER interviewer. I love the diversity of interviewee and the perspective you get on their wider life outside what they are well known for. It can be humbling and inspiring listening when you get a good one.” – Emma

BBC: Desert Island Discs

Discover the Discs


2) The Allusionist

“This podcast is all about language (fascinating stuff!). An episode to look out for is – To Err Is Human – which looks at how mistakes and human error has helped the English language evolve and digs into the etymology words that wouldn’t exist without human error.” – Neil

The Allusionist

Clink, Clank, Chink


3) Stuff You Should Know

“Like going down the rabbit hole on random topics? This is the podcast for you. A few personal favourites include “How LSD Works” and “Dr Seuss: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly.” I just love the way you can be drawn in and be completely absorbed. And then all of a sudden, you’re at your stop and it’s time to go. Great for collecting random, useless facts to share with friends!” – Courtney

How Stuff Works: Stuff You Should Know

Find Out What You Don’t Know


4) The Psychology Podcast

“I like this podcast because I don’t usually come across these topics and ideas in my day to day life. This type of stuff is normally buried away in academic research papers. This podcasts make that information easily accessible; I learn a lot from the episodes.” – Alex

Scott Barry Kaufman: The Psychology Podcast

To Click or Not To Click


5) What Bitcoin Did

“I’m really into Bitcoin / Fin-tech podcasts at the moment and this one is currently my favourite. I like it because the host interviews a wide range of experts in the field; from traders and miners to investors and developers. The flow of the episodes is a pleasure to follow.”- Emi

What Bitcoin Did
Take Me To The Flow


6) Rabbit Hole

“This is a podcast for anybody who’s ever worried about what technology is doing to society & is conscious of keeping our engagement with it under check”- Josh

The NY Times: Rabbit Hole
Find out how deep the rabbit hole goes


7) The Infinite Monkey Cage

“Comedy meets science! Robin Ince & Brian Cox explore a difference subject each episode allowing you to learn whilst having a giggle.”- Ant

BBC: The Infinite Monkey Cage
Unleash the monkey


8) No Such Things As A Fish

“If you like QI then this is the podcast for you. ‘The QI Elves’ come together with their own show to share some of the weirdest & most wonderful facts. A great listen if you want to boost your general knowledge on every subject under the sun!”- Rakshita

No such thing as a fish
Jump into an ocean of knowledge


9) Extreme Perspectives

“We were enjoying the above podcasts so much we decide to make our own. Extreme Perspectives is a serious of interviews with Rebels, Outliers, Misfits, & Crazy Ones; all members of The Sense Network. Designed to inspire listeners & spark creative thinking it’s a great way to hear stories from people from worlds unlike your own.”- Jeremy

The Sense Network: Extreme Perspectives
Get inspired

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