Food. We can’t live without it. And the cultivation of food has shaped our civilisations since before anyone can remember (apparently, the ancient Egyptians liked cheese as much as we did.)

Food has always been an important part of our society. Much more than pure sustenance, food is something that brings people together, shares love and joy and allows people to be creative in the most delicious of ways.

And the food industry has not been left behind amidst the technological and cultural shifts over the past years. Innovations in technique, production and taste have been incredibly diverse, sometimes hard to comprehend and definitely interesting. So here are five foodie features to get your teeth into.

Imagine if you ate everything…including your rubbish. Kiwi burger chain, Better Burger, introduced edible burger wrappers to celebrate International Earth Day.

Credit: NZ Herald

Food mash-ups flew into popular culture when the cronut was unveiled to the world. The humble croissant has been evolved again…introducing the Tacro.

Credit: Tasting Table

The future of food delivery may be in the air. A new trial for drone delivery is taking place in Iceland with the help of drone logistics company Flytrex.

Did you know that real vanilla is now more expensive, per kilogram, than silver? And that vanilla plants flower for only 24 hours a year? For being so vanilla, these plants sure are interesting!

Credit: Sarada Krishnan

Ice cream is literally my favourite food. I will eat it rain, hail or shine. But this is pushing it even for me. Would you try a soy sauce flavoured ice cream? 

Credit: Lonely Planet

While we have you salivating, we’d like to introduce you to our very own foodie adventure, Sense Supper Clubs. Sense Supper Clubs are thrown by and for our fellow Sensers all over the world. They offer a chance for Sensers to come together in their local cities to share and discuss their creative journeys, careers, side hustles, live projects and collaborations.

The evenings are always relaxed, informal and inspiring; whether you’re looking to network with the creative minds in your city or to get feedback on your current project, amazing things happen when worlds collide. Check out the write up from our LA Supper Club to get a taster.

Sounds like something you’d like to sample? You can register your interest to attend or even host a Sense Supper Club here. 

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