Here at Sense HQ, the new year has started at with a bang and at 100 miles an hour. We are all scratching our heads, wondering where January disappeared to. So we took a moment to share some of the interesting, creative and just pretty damn awesome things we have seen so far in 2019. And of course, we want to pass these fascinating little nuggets onto you wonderful people as well.

This is a regular occurrence as well! At the end of each week in HQ, we get together to share inspiring stories, news and commentary from the innovation landscape around us. Whether it be the debate around humans vs machines, the future of building timeless cities or why the definition of design is important; these conversations are fundamental for the team here to do the best work of their lives. If you want to join our weekly Disciples of Innovation team chat, you can register your interest here.


Brief Answers to the Big Questions by Stephen Hawking

Courtney got this book for Christmas and cannot recommend it highly enough. The book is split into short, manageable chapters that tackle some of life’s big mysteries; everything from black holes to time travel to whether God exists. Hawking has a way of taking extremely complex ideas and explaining them in a way that is simple enough for us normal people to understand.

Source: Waterstones 


Maybe The World’s Coolest Business Card

Jeremy and Senser Jude managed to catch up face-to-face recently and Jeremy was lucky enough to walk away with one of his business cards. Jude works at Lego and so, of course, his business card had to be a Lego piece. How cool!

Did we really expect anything less from Lego?


Create Your Own Adventure with Black Mirror: Bandersnatch

Emma lost her mind watching the new Black Mirror: Bandersnatch. For those who haven’t heard of it (where have you been hiding?!), Bandersnatch is an interactive film that lets watchers make decisions for the main character throughout the film. Proceed if you dare!

Source: YouTube


There Are Eight Intelligences: What One Are You?

Neil stumbled across this gem from a few years ago, describing the eight different types of intelligence. We have a similar belief in the team that everyone is creative, just in their own unique way. And we’ve just launched the Art of Imagination that allows people to explore their own creativity – check it out here!

Source: YouTube


Yay or Nay: Gillette’s New Advertising Campaign

Alex shared the Gillette’s latest advertising campaign in our weekly Disciples of Innovation team chat (you can sign up to be a part of this here!) The response from the team was overwhelmingly positive – what do you think about it?

Source: The Independent
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