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Meet The Sense Network; listen to stories and extreme perspectives from a global network of outliers, misfits, rebels, and crazy ones.

The Extreme Perspectives podcast introduces you to people who see things differently and think differently. Fresh perspectives from the edges of culture. Listen to them. Learn from them. Challenge the status quo.

In a world where we read the same books, use the same methodologies, and tap into the same resources, we need something radically different to deliver breakthrough ideas. Each episode presents you with a new lens with which to view your world.

Hone your ability to tackle challenges differently by thinking outside the mainstream. Breakthroughs are found by engaging those living in the future, today.

Be inspired by the outliers, misfits, rebels, and crazy ones.

School is a mindset not just a building. Why we need both science and art | Emily Dixon

Emily is a crazy one, science teacher, creative thinking world champion, and catalyst. She believes that schools are about a mindset, not a building.

At her school, Emily is known as the crazy teacher who sets fires and organises the most enjoyable after-school clubs. As a scientist, she instills an experimental mindset in her students. And while she adores science, she thinks students are beginning to miss out on the arts.

Sit down, ears open, and expand your mind.

Stories are for the listener. Find your voice, find your story | Beatrice Ngalula Kabutakapua

Beatrice is a ‘quiet rebel’, filmmaker, coach, and professional storyteller.

Beatrice started her career as a journalist, but the medium didn’t offer the freedom to tell stories in the way she felt they deserved, so she became a documentary filmmaker. She believes that listening is an important part of storytelling because they are for the listener, not the teller.

Gather around the campfire as we discuss how to find your story, find your voice, and how to tell your story well with Extreme Perspectives.

We are all made of sound. Cymatics, sacred shapes, dolphin-assisted births | Nat Rich

Nat is a crazy one, entrepreneur, and believer in the healing power of sound.

When she broke her back she had a vision that inspired her journey of exploration. She is creating a platform dedicated to the study and appreciation of sound. From cymatics to the power of humming, dolphin-assisted births to the sound of the planets.

Tune in to Extreme Perspectives and listen to what resonates for you.

Be like water. Finding new philosophies, coping with anxiety, and dodging cars | Shamash Alidina

Shamash is a misfit, author, philosopher, and practitioner of ACT mindfulness.

Listen in as we discuss the power of community, techniques for coping with anxiety, the wisdom of Bruce Lee, and why car dodging is a skill practitioners of mindfulness must master.

Zoom out with Extreme Perspectives.

I’m not dead yet. Being at the world’s mercy, forgetting the pursuit of success, and embracing meditation | Simon Harrison

Simon is a graphic artist, martial artist, meditator, mindfulness expert, and bull whisperer.

Join us as we discuss whether meditating on death and forgetting the pursuit of success leads to a renewed sense of purpose and wellbeing? Hear from a kung fu master how meditation has given him superpowers.

Take a trip with Extreme Perspectives.

The power of play. Embracing counter-culture, the DIY mentality, and the positive potential of AI | Pate Kane

Pat is an 80s musician who used his platform to subtly introduce chart listeners to counter-culture and more recently to create a new festival for fellow misfits.

Join us as we discuss the importance of play in a DIY culture and why we must embrace the positive potential of AI, rather than defaulting to a position of fear.

Start seeing the world differently with Extreme Perspectives.

Holistic medicine and fasting. In search of latent needs through an empathetic approach | Jerome Lay

Jerome is a medical doctor who is committed to adopting a holistic approach when establishing patient needs and deciding on suitable treatments. This empathetic approach leads him to see medicine as an art as much as it is a science.

Join us for an enlightening conversation in which Jerome and Jeremy discuss the similarities between the world of holistic medicine and the search for latent needs within the breakthrough innovation space.

Expand your mind with Extreme Perspectives.

Commoditizing human nature. From the principle of Lagom to the Cavendish banana | Joel Bravette

Joel Bravette is a polymath who has done it all. From girl band manager to youngest bar owner in the UK. Vegan rapper to human rights advocate. Web 3 evangelist to children’s author.

Gather by the campfire to listen to a tale of human nature and learn why we need to reconnect with our empathetic selves. Join us for an enlightening conversation as Joel introduces his Empathic Framework.

See things differently, so you can think differently.

Startup School for Seniors. From hot tub ideation to bawdy basement blues | Suzanne Noble

Suzanne is a serial entrepreneur who cut her teeth in television and tech. With her latest venture, ‘Startup School For Seniors’, she offers training to older adults wanting a seat at the table and an opportunity to prove the advantages of age.

Listen in to a conversation that winds through the corporate world, the basements of Soho, and the hot tub in which Suzanne and Co ideate their best concepts.

Learning to learn, and why education must change | Gerard Darby

Gerard is the winner of the Creative Thinking World Championship. A misfit. An advocate for education reform.

Listen as explore the importance of ambiguity, education, theatre and how dyslexia needs to be reframed as a different way of thinking.

We find needles in haystacks with Einstein, take the advice, “don’t try” from Charles Bukowski, discuss the merits of Hyper Island and the brilliance of the charity, The Ministry of Stories.

How not to be brainwashed by the mainstream | Etan Ilfeld

Etan is a tri-cultural, Mind Expander. A Polymath, Physicists, Publisher, Chess Champion, Gallerist and Chief organiser of Mind Sports Olympiad.

Listen in to the truly mind-expanding conversation. Ranging from the intersections of science, maths, media and art. To discussing why people play games and cheat. As well as exploring Zen aesthetics, the subconscious mind-state and the emergence of creative ideas.

Addiction: The pandemic within the pandemic | Michael & Sharon Lewis

We are joined by Sharon Lewis and Michael Lewis, a cultural strategist, and financial advisor duo.

They are on a mission to better support individuals and families dealing with rising incidences of addiction and struggles with mental health. They describe this as “the pandemic within the pandemic.”

We talk about how the disruption of COVID-19 has normalized unhealthy behaviors with alcohol, drugs, social media, and even work… How might we become more aware of these behaviors as a result of crisis? How might we be better informed to deal with recovery both emotionally and financially?

Sex is too important to leave in the hands of pornographers | Ricardo Scipio

“Sex is too important to leave in the hands of pornographers.”

We know talking about sex can feel taboo, and this is what our next guest is trying to dispel through his work. Listen as we speak to REBEL, artist, filmmaker and photographer, Ricardo Scipio about sex positive representations.

We discuss: The evolution of photography. The moral immaturity of Big Tech. Sexual art. Body positivity. Sexual expression. How porn is like junk food and WHY we need something more wholesome.

Unleash your true self. The power of non-linear thinking | Alex Dunsdon

In this episode we are speaking with the ‘NON-LINEAR HUMAN’, husband, dad, venture capitalist, coach and chief of staff Alex Dunsdon.

Listen as we discuss life, the universe and everything from Education to Monetary Policy. Thoughts traps and how to get out of them to unleash your true self. And how we need to speak to diverse people, different brains and life experiences to advance the world and start making it a better place.

Buy less but better. Blind consumerism is vandalism | Alex Rückheim

Today we are speaking with the ‘OUTLIER’, third culture kid, innovator, conscious consumer, and founder of Buy Less But Better, Alex Rückheim.

Keep listening as we discuss how creativity can be designed out of us and how we need to build and nurture it; the importance of observing the world around us to ask WHY and dig deeper; his 8 year quest to end blind consumerism – to live better with less that lasts longer #buylessbutbetter; and the importance of pausing, reflecting and thinking twice before we make our purchasing decisions to help end blind consumerism.

Find your purpose. How to survive and strive for a better world | Charlotte Cramer

In this episode, we are speaking with the ‘REBEL’, entrepreneur, neuroscientist and author of The Purpose Myth Charlotte Cramer in Lisbon.

We talk about Charlotte’s book The Purpose Myth. How to Survive, Strive for a better world, learn, grow and most importantly thrive. Perfect for some January motivation!

We also discuss the creation of a glow in the dark duvet business at the back of a tuk tuk, aided by business planning with Richard Branson at 35000 ft. And we talk about CRACK + CIDER – a side project that helped homeless people around the world.

Data odysseys, possibility engines, and preparing for life in space | Nicholas Kuhne

We talk to the Outlier, globe trotting creative turned data scientist, Nicholas Kuhne from Kuala Lumpur.

We discuss creative applications of data science; the importance of accepting, normalising and leveraging failure; and finally, why he’s preparing his young sons for life on Mars.

Faster Ideas: Be a sponge. Seek feedback. Make your ideas stronger | Joanne Oatts

In this episode, we talk to ‘the ‘MISFIT’, comedy writer, artist, creative director, filmmaker and host of LGBTQ+ podcast Outvertising, Joanne Oatts.

Listen as we discuss how to generate faster ideas, juggling several different professional hats, making creative projects happen and navigating the creative industry.

Check out Joanne’s recently launched initiative Faster Ideas, for tips on how to confidently come up with new ideas to build and work on.

The importance misfits in business, butterflies, and forest bathing | Jeffrey Abramson

In this episode, we talk to ‘experiential storyteller,’ magician and misfit Jeffrey Abramson. ⁠

He talks to us about immersive experiences, the intersections of nature & technology and his new film ‘The Dark Divide.’  We discuss how to deal with the creative setbacks, the role of the misfit within organisations and the importance of reconnecting with the universe.⁠

Watch Jeffrey’s latest project the trailer for ‘The Dark Divide’ here.

Collaborative Resilience. The importance of community in times of crisis | Koert Bakker

This is the second episode of The Sense Network – Extreme Perspectives podcast with ‘The New Kid’ Koert Bakker.

We talk to Koert about his journey across continents, from a Caribbean island to Colorado. How he had to decide between art school and business school. His pioneering work at the edge of culture and how this journey has taken him to become the Head of Strategy at PwC Experience Center in Amsterdam.

Listen as we discuss the tensions between culture & commerce, the importance of community and collaborative resilience during crisis and how we might design a better now and future during periods of accelerated behaviour change.

Cultural Intelligence: Extreme people inspire vibrant and meaningful products and service design | Rachel Liu

This is the first episode of The Sense Network – Extreme Perspectives podcast with Inclusive Pioneer and ‘Zen Creative’ Rachel Liu.

Listen as we discuss the importance of cultural intelligence and cross cultural research, finding your creative voice and developing confidence and the role of leadership in creating open and inclusive spaces for meaningful dialogue.

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