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Your perspective on Project Jiva is appreciated.

As an extra little thank you, we’re offering you your own personalised Creative Intelligence profile. Think Myers Briggs or 16 personalities, but for creativity.


Is it optional?

Yes, this is not part of Project Jiva.

You were selected for the project because you are curious and reflective. So we think you’ll love understanding yourself better with this free personality test from The Sense Network.


What is Creative Intelligence?

Creative Intelligence (or CQ) is the uniquely human skill of understanding, interpreting, and acting with imagination.

Think of your CQ as complimentary to your IQ (intellect) and EQ (emotions).


What is the profile?

The free personality profile illuminates your creative strengths and areas for improvement, helping you reach your full creative potential.

It includes insights into how you think, tips on honing your skills, and compares your scores across 5 distinct areas with the global average.


Why should I care about Creative Intelligence?

In the era of AI, our competitive advantage will be our ability to harness tools in creative and unexpected ways. To see our challenges differently and think differently about the solutions. Creativity will set us apart from our competition.

Your creativity is not judged by your ability to be artistic, but instead by the way you think. We believe that if you have a brain you are creative.


What is required of me?

Take a 15-minute test and you will automatically receive your personalised profile.


Is it just for Project Jiva participants?

No. If you enjoy the profile and want to share it with friends, family, or colleagues you are welcome to share the link with them.


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