How To Hire For Ambiguity

Photo by Naphtali Marshall on Unsplash
Photo by Naphtali Marshall on Unsplash

By Neil Cooper, Director

Why Handling Ambiguity Is An Essential Skill

Getting good at handling ambiguity helps you deal with an ambiguous world. If you wait for everything to be clear it’ll be too late. Look at Brexit, consider the adoption of voice control speakers, imagine a world where every store functions like Amazon Go. That’s why hiring for ambiguity it one of our priorities here at Sense Worldwide. Continue reading “How To Hire For Ambiguity”

Why Marketing Needs To Look Beyond The Mainstream To Earn Its Place In Culture

By Alex Rückheim, Cultural Strategist

The Sense Network is a global talent platform that incubates ideas. Members can be found in over 1,000 cities and have made more than 20,642 network contributions to over 450 projects. Their purpose is to make things better and to make better things. Harnessing their creative intelligence, we discover and define opportunities with brand innovators, designers, planners, strategists and consultants. Together we go wide, we go deep and we iterate with The Sense Network. Collaboration with this diverse community delivers credible growth, faster.

Brands are increasingly understanding the importance of getting a handle on culture… Get it right and you will build a foundation of trust and respect that will allow for real conversations with your audience. Get it wrong and I’m sure we can all recall countless examples that backfired, especially in the increasingly connected world we live in. Brands seem to think they’ve got it all figured out. Truth is, it’s disappointing to see so many not learning from their mistakes. Continue reading “Why Marketing Needs To Look Beyond The Mainstream To Earn Its Place In Culture”

Build Your Business Like A Scientist

The Business Of Science

By Courtney McLauchlan, Consultant

One might think that a science lab and an innovation agency have little in common, but many are surprised at how transferable a scientific mindset is to a business environment.

Over the past few months, we have been exploring how we can apply a scientific mindset to the way we do business, so we are able to continuously improve in an informed way.  Coming from a scientific background (I have a Bachelor of Science, majoring in Biochemistry), I have always framed challenges as an opportunity to test and learn so I have been working on bringing this approach to life in the office. An experiment on experimentation so to speak. Continue reading “Build Your Business Like A Scientist”