Highlights From Sense Supper Club BCN

This week we hit Barcelona to launch Sense Supper Club. Continuing our mission to generate more creative collaboration around the globe, we took a fresh approach to deconstructing creativity using food.

Sense Supper Club Barcelona

Eight intriguing creatives gathered in the Gallery at Studio Store. Each guest brought along a raw ingredient representing their role in the creative process.

Sense Supper Club Barcelona

Guests discussed the relationship of their ingredient to creativity. Rice provided the foundational quality, garlic infused potent flavour throughout the dish. Lemon? The citrus kick needed by every creative at some point.

Sense Supper Club Barcelona

Illustrator, Rémi Cans, sketched throughout the evening providing live narration of the creative process in action.

Sense Supper Club Barcelona

Sense Supper Club Barcelona

The next Sense Supper Club commences Thursday 29th June in London. Watch this space!

Feeling out of the loop? Get in touch with rebecca.dowell@senseworldwide.com to find out about the network, our initiatives or to propose a collaboration.

The Art of Creating: The Next Iteration

Sense Worldwide believes that collaboration is the fastest way to make the world a better place. To demonstrate the value of collaboration for creatives, brands and innovators, this year we’re running events in different cities. Our aim is to learn about and document the creative process; and to build a greater understanding of the benefits of collaboration for both client projects and individuals.

The Art of Creating kicked off in February 2017 with talks, creative happenings and of course, a party. The thing we heard loud and clear from those who attended was their need to connect with other creatively minded people from more diverse backgrounds and disciplines than theirs. The benefit of this connection being, that the fresh perspectives they are exposed to, help to stretch and challenge their own thinking. On surfacing this latent need we now see it as our job at Sense Worldwide to provide the platform, and create the conditions, for more of these interactions to take place. So that we can help everybody to advance their creative journeys.

To better understand the benefits of collaboration between disciplines, we felt a more intimate space needed to be fostered. We would like participants to relax, open up and reflect on their own creative process. Our aim is to create a setting where individuals can remove their professional masks as artists, film-makers, designers and authors to simply be the one thing that connects us all in The Sense Networkcreative.

To organise these conversations over dinner was an obvious choice. Tomorrow night in Barcelona the first Sense Supper Club of 2017 will bring together 10 creatives from a range of disciplines. They will take part in a experience that encourages them to reflect on their creative process and articulate the benefits of collaboration.

We’ve had an amazing response to this initiative from all over the world and have a fascinating array of people already signed up. If you’re interested in taking part either as a host or participant you can find the application to The Sense Supper Club here.

We’re looking forward to what we will learn and where this takes us next on our creative journey.