Welcome To Project Atta!

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Last week we received an email from Tokyo. Jaime Garcia, a Senser in the city, needed The Sense Network’s help. He was on the hunt for diverse, smart and global perspectives that would help him design better, more conscious human-robot collaborations for every aspect of our daily activities, work, interactions and art.

In short. He needed your help.

Read on to find out how you can, and more about Jaime and the project.

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The Art Of Imagination: Watch The Winner Annouced!

The Art Of Imagination
We believe that innovation is driven by human ingenuity. We call this Creative Intelligence; the ability to understand, interpret and act with imagination. The Sense Network is a home for people with Creative Intelligence and earlier this year we embarked on the #TheArtOfImagination; a global creative experiment to explore the diversity of Creative Intelligence harnessed within The Sense Network. Read on to watch the video of our judges choosing the winning submission… Continue reading “The Art Of Imagination: Watch The Winner Annouced!”