Senser Stories // Marc Curtis

Marc Curtis at Sense Supper Clubs
Senser Stories is an interview series of just that; stories from The Sense Network, our Sensers. This global, diverse, articulate and curious group of humans are our lifeblood here at Sense Worldwide and we want to share their incredible life experiences, advice and creative journeys so that other’s may be take encouragement and inspiration from them. This week we’d like to introduce Marc Curtis, a Senser from London, UK. Continue reading “Senser Stories // Marc Curtis”

Five Companies Converting Waste into Innovation

plastic beach whale
Let’s set the scene. We currently live in a world where nearly 1/3rd of all food produced is wasted (that’s 1.3 billion tonnes according to the FAO) and 6 billion tonnes of plastic has been created since the 1950s (with around 79% ending up in landfill or elsewhere in the environment – compared to just 9% that’s recycled). It’s safe to say we live in a Waste Economy; Make, Use, Dispose. Continue reading “Five Companies Converting Waste into Innovation”