Are Side Hustles The Future Of Self Fulfilment?

Sense Supper Club London

By Emma Skipper, Associate Director

“Side-hustle is a word on the move, and we are watching it. Although the precise definition of this term is still in a bit of flux, it appears to be centering on “work performed for income supplementary to one’s primary job.”

According to Merriam-Webster, the term Side Hustle appeared in use in the ‘1950s, when it was used to describe both scams and legitimate jobs’. I’m sure everyone reading this has heard it used increasingly in everyday conversation over the last few years with the rise in debate around the gig economy. However what’s interesting to us here at HQ, is the lack of firm definition. It’s a term with an identity crisis. And with so many people identifying with the context of the term, as the lines between workplaces, roles and passion projects blur, what does that mean about how we ourselves identify? Continue reading “Are Side Hustles The Future Of Self Fulfilment?”

Why Marketing Needs To Look Beyond The Mainstream To Earn Its Place In Culture

By Alex Rückheim, Cultural Strategist

The Sense Network is a global talent platform that incubates ideas. Members can be found in over 1,000 cities and have made more than 20,642 network contributions to over 450 projects. Their purpose is to make things better and to make better things. Harnessing their creative intelligence, we discover and define opportunities with brand innovators, designers, planners, strategists and consultants. Together we go wide, we go deep and we iterate with The Sense Network. Collaboration with this diverse community delivers credible growth, faster.

Brands are increasingly understanding the importance of getting a handle on culture… Get it right and you will build a foundation of trust and respect that will allow for real conversations with your audience. Get it wrong and I’m sure we can all recall countless examples that backfired, especially in the increasingly connected world we live in. Brands seem to think they’ve got it all figured out. Truth is, it’s disappointing to see so many not learning from their mistakes. Continue reading “Why Marketing Needs To Look Beyond The Mainstream To Earn Its Place In Culture”

Senser Stories // Jakob Aungiers

Senser Stories is an interview series of just that; stories from The Sense Network, our Sensers. This global, diverse, articulate and curious group of humans are our lifeblood here at Sense Worldwide and we want to share their incredible life experiences, advice and creative journeys so that other’s may be take encouragement and inspiration from them. This week we’d like to introduce Jakob Aungiers, a Senser from… well everywhere but currently living in Sydney.

Jakob Aungiers: The sky-diving, wave-surfing, adventure-seeking technologist living on Bondi…

Continue reading “Senser Stories // Jakob Aungiers”