Alicja is a Copenhagen-based consultant, researcher, and participation strategist focused on technology, digital culture, and social change.



Kick this interview off by saying hello…

Hi everyone, my name is Alicja Peszkowska and I am a Copenhagen-based consultant, researcher, and participation strategist focused on technology, digital culture, and social change.

In my spare time, I watch movies, immerse myself in books and engage in various art projects. If I really want to reset, I cook!

Tell us what you get up to in the real world…

I am a community manager my work is usually divided between engaging people online and offline. I am specifically focused on cultural and social-change projects, so the feeling of making a difference in the world is what motivates me and keeps me going. I work from a co-working space in Copenhagen, where I am based, and I love to cycle there every morning while listening to a morning portion of news from The Guardian or The New York Times. Sometimes, when I don’t want to hear more news, I switch to an audiobook. The last one I listened to was “The Tale of Love and Darkness” – a beautiful memoir by Amos Oz. 

What are the biggest learnings from your journey in life so far?

I think what you end up learning about life depends on where, how, and whom you would like to be. I have always wanted my life to be international and inter-disciplinary. I have never found this “one defined thing” I could focus on in order to be happy. So for me, the biggest lesson in life is to be flexible. Which often means that you need to let go and sometimes that you need to push harder 

When are you most productive/creative? How do you get into the flow?

I am hypersensitive and have to manage external stimulation. I work best in the mornings, especially after a walk and a coffee. Sometimes I immerse myself in something completely unrelated to what I had been doing and this – book, podcast, conversation – makes me click, and I suddenly understand what to do in order to enter my flow.

Tell us about the place you call home…

That would be Copenhagen although it took me some time to make a switch in my head from feeling most at home in my hometown, Warsaw. Copenhagen is a green place that is situated mostly on the sea. I love that everything seems so close and within a cycling distance and that in the summer I am only a cycle away from dipping in the sea. In a way, Copenhagen also feels like a city of the future. It is very modern although not in the 90s, skyscrapers kind of way.

What are the hidden gems in your city?

A few of my favourite places include a nudist beach in Christiania, Louisiana Museum of Art which – although located outside of the city – is very much affiliated with the Danish art scene, and the neighbourhood where I live, one of the most multicultural ones in the city – Nørrebro. 

The Sense Network work together to make things better and make better things. If you could change anything about our world and society, what would it be where would you start?

I believe in the power of community – building a common ground for people and enabling them to communicate, create, and connect. I think the world needs a bit of that and it is something I have chosen to be able to offer.

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Inspiration from you to us

  • Moomins – the best quirky stories for all moods about the strangeness of love, friendship, and existence
  • White City, Black city – a book I have recently read which is a story of two intertwining narratives which reveals the hidden history of the region where now stands modern-day Tel Aviv (and also a great story of important events that shaped – and were shaped – by the XXth century). Fascinating!
  • My band’s first and only crowd-funded album called, in Polish, “For your Home and Garden” ❤
  • MIT Tech Review – all you need to know about the current Information Society related news; my one and only daily read
  • Mr Gaga – The life and career of Ohad Naharin, choreographer and artistic director of the Batsheva Dance Company. I wish I had this kind of a vivid, visual imagination as he does!

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