Welcome to our Innovation Studio.

Where the creativity flows, we go.

You need to understand the beauty scene in New York? We know the spots. Someone on the ground in Mumbai to help you explore refrigeration in rural villages? We’ve got it covered. Need to immerse your team in the emerging dirty soda scene in Salt Lake City? We’ve been there. A radical thinker to creatively challenge the capitalist pillars of banking – we’ve got your man. Your trickiest questions and toughest challenges can be creatively answered by our crowd.

The Sense Network is an influential community. Members share global cultural intelligence and collaborate to provide creative guidance to innovators and brands, large and small, looking to course correct existing ideas or develop new ones.

Our studio, is your studio.

Wherever the Network is active, that’s our studio. On a beach in Ibiza, a boat in Hong Kong, in a lakeside hut in Yosemite… and of course in our ‘living studios’ HQs in London, New York and Boulder where we let corporate and contemporary culture wash in. Our flexibility, curiosity, dedication and global scale is what sets us apart and keeps every single one of us motivated to make things better and make better things.

Interpretation: insight into innovation.

The word ‘studio’ derives from the Latin word studium, or to study. And that’s what we do tirelessly as a global network, we study. After all, our name is Sense Worldwide.

Our craft is interpretation. Whether client briefs, Sense Network creative activities, internet dance crazes or the natural world around us, we search for meaning and opportunities. That’s what makes us great and why we choose to call ourselves an innovation studio.

Cultural Permeability

We believe that creativity and cultural intelligence come hand in hand with diversity, and we work tirelessly to permeate these things through the very soul of our business.

From hiring people fundamentally unlike each other (from both background and skillset), to promoting our ‘living studio’ ethos; we work to let cultural diversity wash through our physical spaces as well as our mental ones, to constantly challenge our preconceptions. We think this is a healthy way to live.

The 90:9:1% network rule.

We can have thousands of brilliant minds working in the Sense Worldwide studio at any one time. (read all about our Network here ). As a rule, 1% of the community work together as a permanent team to mastermind and co-ordinate projects from our physical studios in London, New York and Boulder.

This core team is a collection of fiercely intelligent, curious (and frankly a bit weird) humans that all share a common goal: to make things better and to make better things.

Our 1%