Sense Worldwide?

That’s what we’d like to do, to make sense of this crazy world; and during our short time on this earth, make it better somehow.

We move between worlds to bring together different types of people. We’ve collaborated with unknowns and well-knowns to help them to ask better questions and find smarter ways of answering them.

Our journey has shown us that creativity is everywhere, even in developing toilet cleaners. You just need the right mix of people around you to help you see it. These people are the Sense Network.

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Sense Worldwide Values

Start with a smile

Begin all conversations with a smile.

We are global. A smile is the universal way to make a good first impression, irrespective of race, religion or language

Empathy is our inspiration

Don’t be clever, be curious.

Let your karma drive over your dogma – reflect and act on your intuition.

Fun is our fuel

We take fun seriously.

Try it. Be playful and experimental (as long as nobody dies). Pursue excellence in all you do.

Creativity is our currency

Be creative everyday and in all you do. Use wit; be pithy, poetic and prophetic.

Great artists challenge the worldview by asking a better question. Build on ideas, don’t break them.

Collaboration is our unfair advantage

Welcome talent to our table.

Remember that new ideas can come from anywhere and are often hidden in plain sight.

Tell it like it is

Practice truth, fear nothing.

Life’s short, let’s do our best to make things better and make better things.

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