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Where worlds collide

We collide worlds to create a better future: collisions start conversations, collaborations build understanding. This diversity, and the empathy that comes with it, inspires positive action.

Based in our Innovation Studio, we move between worlds and bring together different types of people. In doing so we have fostered The Sense Network.

We’ve collaborated with unknowns and well-knowns to help ask better questions and to find smarter ways of answering them.

Shape your future with The Sense Network

The Sense Network is a diverse, future-focused, global community who want to collaborate with brands and innovators to make things better and to make better things.

Together we help businesses to accelerate their market learning and fuel their creative development. We deliver high-quality fast feedback on new ideas, share global cultural intelligence and manage lean development assignments all over the world.

Proven world-class innovation results

We stimulate and interpret the collective intelligence of The Sense Network to generate deep insight, develop marketing innovations and identify commercial opportunities.

In collaboration with design, innovation and brand leadership teams, we have shaped the growth strategies and innovation pipelines of many Fortune 500, FTSE 250 and fast growth companies, including Nike, Experian, PepsiCo, SC Johnson, Barclays and Sonos.

It’s all about learning, not testing

We believe that the research and development of ideas should be more innovative, accessible, faster and cost less.

Since 1999, as an early practitioner of design thinking, Sense Worldwide has pioneered network technologies to deliver new collaborative tools and resources for innovators. We have the experience of applying these unconventional tools to a wide range of categories, sectors and challenges.

Conventional research is a rear-view mirror. Isn’t it time your organisation focused on the road ahead?

Our Values

Start with a smile

Begin all conversations with a smile.

We are global. A smile is the universal way to make a good first impression, irrespective of race, religion or language

Empathy is our inspiration

Don’t be clever, be curious.

Let your karma drive over your dogma – reflect and act on your intuition.

Fun is our fuel

We take fun seriously.

Try it. Be playful and experimental (as long as nobody dies). Pursue excellence in all you do.

Creativity is our currency

Be creative everyday and in all you do. Use wit; be pithy, poetic and prophetic.

Great artists challenge the worldview by asking a better question. Build on ideas, don’t break them.

Collaboration is our unfair advantage

Welcome talent to our table.

Remember that new ideas can come from anywhere and are often hidden in plain sight.

Tell it like it is

Practice truth, fear nothing.

Life’s short, let’s do our best to make things better and make better things.

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