Last week saw the HQ team join long time Sensers, Hortense Koster and Ryan Tjin, as they co-hosted the first Sense Supper Club in Amsterdam.

By Hortense Koster, Co-host

From exploring each others creative journeys, sharing dreams and aspirations, watching Jennifer’s trailer for a new erotic game and making new friends along the way… the evening really was one to remember.

And what an evening it was! Together with Sense Worldwide HQ’s finest, Jeremy and Emma (who were in town for the occasion), myself and my co-host Ryan welcomed ten ‘beyond-the-cookie-cutter’ creative people to dinner and discussion at the buzzing gallery/restaurant Adam & Siam; a monumental building on the Nes/Rokin and former the home of a tobacco broker.

The guestlist for the evening was an eclectic group; including a Harvard graduate-turned-female-empowered-erotic-filmmaker, a mathematician-turned-experience-designer, an graduate neurosurgeon with acrobatic talents and a Surinam sandwich expert with a keen eye on banking and long distant running… to name just a few!

Even before the Asian inspired pumpkin soup arrived, the conversations were just as varied as the guests themselves. Of course however, there were commonalities amongst this like-minded group… the most interesting topic of conversation being the discourse between dreams (or actual fantasies) and reality. And we all had dreams. The conversation however focussed more on how can we ensure we turn our dreams to reality without losing authenticity.

“Thank you for the wonderful evening last week! Love what you guys are doing to spark up the minds and hearts of the creative wanderers! Keep it up and I’m looking forward to another great moment with you.” Melvin va Tholl,

Bloody Believers.

Building on this, and whilst enjoyed our tuna steaks and rose hip ravioli, we got to know some more about each others’ background and creative journeys.

Some of us were dream-makers (Melvin, an experience designer and Sophie, a graphic artist).

Some were passionate provokers and even activists (Jennifer, an erotic film maker, Sabine, a sustainable brand builder and Ryan, a sandwich maker turned running club junkie).

Some took the leap to even say their future dreams out loud to force them to make it their reality (Emma, the author of a fantasy novel and myself, who is about to launch the Trend Book Club).

And some data-dreams are giving us a glimpse into the near future (as researched by Joeky, a graduate neurosurgeon turned machine learner).

This was all capped off with Jeremy telling us his view on why one of his dreams is to find and unite creative thinkers around the world with The Sense Network (it turns out his experience with Kung Fu and Acid Parties in the 90s had something to do with it!).

Dreams are there to be pursued. We all agreed that it takes an awful lot of guts, determination, dedication, and hopefully fun along the way. Thanks Sense Supper Club for keeping us inspired and taking care of the fun part!

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