Too much research, no insight?

Save money on your research budget. Don’t do any.

The answer’s already in your building. Somewhere. Most of our big clients commission more research every year than any employee can ever read. They have surveys, attitude and usage studies, ethnographic reports and expensive technology report subscriptions. R&D has no idea what studies are sitting in marketing, and vice versa.

Research Amnesty

We re-analysed 44 A&U studies for a global packaged goods company to identify common patterns, motivations and barriers to usage.

We do something radical with it all. We read it. We combine and re-cut the data using sophisticated statistical techniques. We mash up what you know with what we know, and work with you to map out the opportunities hidden in your existing research. We call this process a Research Amnesty.

We’ve uncovered whole new market drivers, re-segmented audiences, rationalised portfolios and created thought leadership insights, all without spending a penny on new fieldwork.

Woman's Health cover

Our handbooks have become the dog-eared companions of marketing managers at a leading FMCG company, full of scribbled comments and sticky notes

So, before you commission expensive research, shouldn’t you get some fresh eyes on the millions of dollars’ worth you haven’t read?

If you’d like to know more about how we can help, go to our questionnaire. This will help you think about your needs and allow us to give you a cost.