Problem products

You spent millions launching that product. Before you kill it, maybe you should let us take a look.

Every big portfolio company has them. The product that should sell, but just doesn’t. The ad agency says it needs to be repositioned. The designers say the packaging is wrong. The management consultants produce price and positioning models. Where do you start?

Companies like SC Johnson, Nike and others start with Sense Worldwide. We recently repositioned an expensive packaged good as a cheap labour-saving appliance. The result: a turnaround in sales. We regularly work to rationalise product portfolios. We define the differentiating factors that really matter and plot products out against them.

We’re also experts in pivot strategies. That’s where you take a struggling product and repurpose its technology to serve a different need. Laser beams were rubbish death rays but turned out to be a great way to play music. What’s your laser beam product?