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‘Maria, I need to find a pagan priestess, the best five mixologists in Beirut and a criminal hacker.’ Just another day at the Sense Network….

When you’re innovating with consumers, you need to start with a different kind of consumer. More creative. More articulate. More future-facing. More open to new ideas. These people aren’t easy to find. They’re not easy to recruit. And they’re not going to join your focus group. You need a different approach to motivate them to open up and co-create with you.

That’s where the Sense Network and Chorus+Echo come in. We’ve spent over a decade collecting extraordinary people. Experts, hackers, people who live at the fringes and the extremes. They’re articulate and opinionated about brands. And if they can’t help us themselves, they probably know somebody who can.

As well as recruitment for co-creation, the network provides us with fast feedback for prototypes or just hunches and opinions about topics – we just send a shout out and see what comes back. It’s always enlightening.