The future of…

The world is full of little pockets of the future. There are people out there right now consuming your products and services in the way the mainstream will five years from now. The trick is to find them. That’s why we’ve tracked down health tourists in Seattle for Blue Cross/Blue Shield, leading-edge personal trainers for Nike, freegans for a cereal company and mobile hackers in Cameroon for Vodafone.

All of these people gave us vital clues about the futures of an industry. Often they were hacking together the tools to do their jobs because products didn’t exist. Those hacks can save years of R&D work. They can also challenge the fundamental beliefs of an organisation.

“The future’s already here. It’s just unevenly distributed.”

William Gibson, Science Fiction Author

To be prepared for the future, your company needs to identify the core beliefs of its industry, and to challenge them. We can help you through this process with stimulus from future-facing consumers and experts, scenario planning workshops and coaching that helps senior managers to become thought leaders.

We live in the future. Come and see how it works.