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Gonzo Research Part II

vintage black and white shot of a Mohawk Construction Worker in New York

Find out how we’ve worked with companies such as Nike, PepsiCo and Samsung using radical, fast and cost-effective methods of research to gather insights that can transform a business. Our Strategy Director Brian Millar reveals more about Gonzo research in the second part of his article.

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How To Build a Purpose Driven Brand In One Workshop

People discussing ideas in a Sense Worldwide workshop in a warehouse in Chicago

How do you transform your sales conversation? By defining your company’s purpose. Brand purpose has been big in consumer companies for years. It transformed the fortunes of Dove, Old Spice and Always. But it can do the same for business to business brands as well. B2B companies like IBM and DS Smith have defined their […]

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Harnessing The Power of Extreme Consumers

Chef in a freezer room cutting ice with a chainsaw

We were lucky enough to be featured in the Financial Times in a piece about extreme consumers. Here’s the full article by Alicia Clegg. Micah Melton has strong opinions about ice. The water to make it must be double boiled; small dense cubes are best for shaking cocktails; a 9-inch shard of ice chills a gin […]

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This Is How We Do It: The Art Of Interviewing

If you had just a few hours to get to know someone how would you do it? How would you find out what makes them unique, what makes them tick and what they want from life? What conversations would help you explore the experiences that have shaped their identity, values and actions? What could you […]

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