5 Lessons in Luxury Car Design From the Guys Who Park Them

Valet attendant standing next to a grey Ferrari

“On a hot summer day, after getting in a high-end Lexus, I felt a sensation similar to peeing my pants. I looked down and noticed that the seat had little holes, blowing cool air up from below.” It was just another day for Ben Nesvig, who valet-parked cars in Minneapolis for over eight years. Valets […]

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How A Blindfolded Kung Fu Master Can Open Your Eyes

Illustration of a Blind Kung Fu master for forbes

The Kung Fu master gathered us into a circle and frowned. “The secret to blindfold Kung Fu is to start slowly.” He took a stance opposite his pupil. They bowed, straightened and blindfolded themselves. The two adepts faced each other and slowed their breathing. We became conscious of the tiniest sounds; cars winding through the […]

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Five Things a Funeral Director Can Teach Us About Our Jobs – And Lives

Illustration of yellow, pink and purple balloons with Forbes logo

“We turn to Disney for inspiration on designing our funeral experiences. There’s a lot we can learn from them about making our experience more interactive” says 30 year old Kevin Schoedinger. Kevin’s the sixth generation of his family to run a funeral business. He’s learned the business from his family, but like all great innovators, […]

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