Design Thinking

Going to the edges for inspiration

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Jacky Parsons, our Director of Research, spoke on one of our favourite topics at this year’s ESOMAR conference in Nice: extreme consumers. The conference is an annual get-together for members of the market research industry and this year’s theme was ‘inspiration’. At Sense, we find talking to extreme users incredibly inspiring. Nick Graham, our PepsiCo […]

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6 Things I Learnt About UX Design

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Being a member of Sense Worldwide naturally means you’re an inquisitive person, because that’s what we do all day, we question, observe, learn and explore – some of us just call it being nosey, but hey we’re good at it! To help nurture this quality we each search out and undertake training in anything that […]

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Harnessing The Power of Extreme Consumers

Chef in a freezer room cutting ice with a chainsaw

We were lucky enough to be featured in the Financial Times in a piece about extreme consumers. Here’s the full article by Alicia Clegg. Micah Melton has strong opinions about ice. The water to make it must be double boiled; small dense cubes are best for shaking cocktails; a 9-inch shard of ice chills a gin […]

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5 Lessons in Luxury Car Design From the Guys Who Park Them

Valet attendant standing next to a grey Ferrari

“On a hot summer day, after getting in a high-end Lexus, I felt a sensation similar to peeing my pants. I looked down and noticed that the seat had little holes, blowing cool air up from below.” It was just another day for Ben Nesvig, who valet-parked cars in Minneapolis for over eight years. Valets […]

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