Why bankers are now more creative at research than marketers

Vector illustration of a suitcase full of icons that convey many tools

Just as marketers are trying to come to terms with big data, the world’s most sophisticated financial minds are finding creative ways to escape from it. At Sense Worldwide, we work with consumer giants like Nike, PepsiCo and Samsung, but we also work with private equity companies on the prowl for big takeover opportunities. I […]

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Going to the edges for inspiration

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Jacky Parsons, our Director of Research, spoke on one of our favourite topics at this year’s ESOMAR conference in Nice: extreme consumers. The conference is an annual get-together for members of the market research industry and this year’s theme was ‘inspiration’. At Sense, we find talking to extreme users incredibly inspiring. Nick Graham, our PepsiCo […]

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We’re Crowdsourcing Our New Office

After a glorious 10 years we’re calling time on Soho. We’re moving. Where? Not sure? We were sure. Actually, we were getting ready to move in December. We’d found a majestic two floored warehouse space just north of Old Street. We’d appointed the designers to carry out a refit. We were just about to sign […]

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How A Blindfolded Kung Fu Master Can Open Your Eyes

Illustration of a Blind Kung Fu master for forbes

The Kung Fu master gathered us into a circle and frowned. “The secret to blindfold Kung Fu is to start slowly.” He took a stance opposite his pupil. They bowed, straightened and blindfolded themselves. The two adepts faced each other and slowed their breathing. We became conscious of the tiniest sounds; cars winding through the […]

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