Going to the edges for inspiration

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Jacky Parsons, our Director of Research, spoke on one of our favourite topics at this year’s ESOMAR conference in Nice: extreme consumers. The conference is an annual get-together for members of the market research industry and this year’s theme was ‘inspiration’. At Sense, we find talking to extreme users incredibly inspiring. Nick Graham, our PepsiCo […]

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How To Build a Purpose Driven Brand In One Workshop

People discussing ideas in a Sense Worldwide workshop in a warehouse in Chicago

How do you transform your sales conversation? By defining your company’s purpose. Brand purpose has been big in consumer companies for years. It transformed the fortunes of Dove, Old Spice and Always. But it can do the same for business to business brands as well. B2B companies like IBM and DS Smith have defined their […]

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Trends for 2014 – Purpose-Driven Branding Goes B2B

Diagram showing the tension between a brand and a customer's life which highlights the need for a Purpose Driven Brand

The search for a consumer brands’ purpose has become commonplace over the last decade. A brand’s purpose is more than its USP or emotional benefit. It’s a statement of its impact on society and on the world. When Dove campaigned for real beauty it made other cosmetic brands look shallow and exploitative. Proctor and Gamble […]

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