I’m a spy who helped British citizens to be more secure online.

‘I spend most of my life breaking into computer systems.’

‘The rest of my time I spend defending myself and the UK against cyber attacks. So when Sense Worldwide asked me to work with the UK government to help combat computer fraud, I showed them simple ways to create unhackable passwords, danger signs to watch out for and the biggest mistakes I teach spies to avoid. I was happy to help. If everyone in the UK behaves securely, my job will get a lot easier.’

Sense Worldwide recently worked with the UK Cabinet Office to create a plan that would help UK citizens to behave more safely online, protecting themselves – and UK businesses – from fraud. We spoke to a wide range of individuals and businesses across the country, as well as a spy and a criminal hacker. We then brought together senior civil servants, intelligence officers, usability experts and consumers to help form an action plan for government. This is currently being incorporated into communications plans, public policy and the strategies of UK banks and other major companies.