I’m a water sommelier. I helped design a fridge.

‘You know the way some people think about wine? That’s how I think about water.’

‘I’m a water sommelier. I pair mineral water with food. I can talk about the taste of water and the texture of ice for hours. So when Sense Worldwide puts me together with a bunch of fresh designers, I did just that. I think they have enough ideas for the next 10 years or so.’

A US appliance designer asked us to help re-think refrigeration. We investigated American life far beyond the kitchen, to understand how people interacted with anything that dispensed, from a waiter to a one-armed bandit. We spoke to people on the cutting edge of ice, from cocktail mixologists who got ice from arctic lakes to, yes, a water sommelier. Then we brought some of these people together with appliance designers to co-create a broad range of product ideas, from next year’s model to gadgets straight out of science fiction.