I’m a stay-at-home dad. I’m helping advertisers rethink masculinity.

‘I gave up my media career to raise my kids. Now my experiences are changing the way a media giant sees men.’

‘There are more dads than there used to be at the school gate. It’s a sign of the times, economically, but also of the changing priorities in our lives, and what counts as status symbols for men. But I’ll admit that sharing my point of view with Sense Worldwide was a welcome break from daily chores!’

In 2012, we refreshed our seminal study of European men for media owner Discovery Networks. Called “Species”, this report and the associated on-line planning tool have given advertisers and programme makers a robust yet very personal understanding of the changing reality for men and manhood across 20 European countries.

To create it, we boiled Discovery’s survey data with the views of expert commentators on society, such as academics, researchers and journalists, and the personal stories of men from all walks of life, drawn from the Sense Network. It’s a powerful brew for anyone seeking to understand men and the most effective way to communicate with them.

Species update 2012

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