Business model transformation

Sometimes markets change completely. Increasingly, that happens overnight. Companies come to us when they need a complete overhaul of their business plan. When your market disappears, you need to rewrite far more than your forecasts. You need to re-think the fundamental beliefs of your company, from ExCo to shop floor.

“While existing companies execute a business model, start-ups look for one.”

Steve Blank, Harvard Business Review May 2013

We bring the voice of customers to bear on the problem. We work to understand their lives, and how your brand (not your products or services) fits into their world view. For a health insurer, we realised consumers looked to the brand to improve their quality of life, not their health. The natural direction of their business was towards gyms, not pensions. We repositioned a packaging company as strategists, not manufacturers – that was what their customers valued, and their competitors couldn’t copy.