We’re Crowdsourcing Our New Office



After a glorious 10 years we’re calling time on Soho. We’re moving. Where? Not sure? We were sure. Actually, we were getting ready to move in December. We’d found a majestic two floored warehouse space just north of Old Street. We’d appointed the designers to carry out a refit. We were just about to sign the lease. Then, just as we were getting smug about our new found home, it all fell through.

So, we’re in a bit of a property pickle. We’re on the hunt again through our acquisition agent and that’s all going swimmingly, but we had a thought. Is this a problem we could ask the network to help us with? Could we use the power of Sensers to crowdsource an office? What if we put up a decent bounty, say £3000? It’s much less than one of the big agents were charging us. Would people be interested? Worth a punt we thought. What have we got to lose?

So this morning we’re sent out an email to the London contingent of the Sense Network. Already we’ve had a few creative leads we hadn’t thought of which is encouraging. We’ll keep you posted on what develops. If the Network comes up trumps watch this space for some big cheesy presentation involving an oversized cheque.

Head over to the Sense Network if you think you can help.

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