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I recently had the opportunity to attend this years TechCrunch Disrupt event in London. An annual event hosted by TechCrunch, which has become a popular platform for technology startups at which they launch their products and services and try and to raise their profile with the venture capital investors, the media and early adopters.

This was my first event as a regular conference goer and as an exhibitor and I spent the majority of my time in the exhibitors section, which was separated into startup and hardware. I didn’t have time to speak to every one exhibiting, there were simply too many people. Mostly, I interacted with whom ever was in front of me and made eye contact. However, I was drawn to exhibitors with catchy tag lines highlighting the wonderful benefits of their products. Here are nine of the most interesting startups I encountered.


Place I Live

Deeper insights into neighbourhoods!
Place I live uses open data to allow you drill down on what it would be like to live in a particular neighbourhood by examining the various criteria’s that affect a residents quality of life. This includes a metric for Travel, Entertainment, Sports and Leisure, Local Community, Safety Health and Daily Life.



Additional mobile numbers on your existing phone.
Transform your handset into a virtual Swytch-board with as many numbers as you want.



Discover the world around you.
AudioTrip community improves your experience of discovering new places, guides you along designated route, tells great stories about points you visit.



An open solution to regulating your heating.
DIY energy technology that saves householders money on heating bills.



Affordable energy to off the grid communities.
Traditional electricity grids are often too expensive for installation in rural and sparsely populated areas, leaving no cost-effective alternative for energy delivery. To meet this challenge, MeshPower delivers a solution in the form of a micro-grid system known as MeshGrid.



For education & prototyping.
SAM is a wireless electronics kit that wants to make coding connected objects super simpler. Watch the video.



Use your smart phone as an interface for your Arduino.
1Sheeld turns your smartphone into a re-configurable arduino shield.



Making learning fun.
MakerClub’s vision is to make learning about electronics and coding fun, accessible and relevant to young peoples lives.


LeeLuu nightlights

Helping kids fight monsters with light!
Interconnected textile night lights that help kids sleep at night.

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