Sugru – Little Sachets Of Fun Arrive At The Studio



Yesterday, the arrival of 150 little silver sachets plumped full of that sticky stuff called Sugru caused much excitement at the Sense studio.

If you haven’t heard of Sugru before, you’ve probably been hiding under a rock – the company has recently been mentioned in TimeWired and Fast Company, to name but a few of its fans! Similar in texture to Play-Doh this air-curing rubber can be used by anyone to ‘hack things better’ – improving or repairing anything from walking boots to cameras.

Raj, our Creative Director tried it out – ‘hacking’ his own Dadaist Pret coffee cup!


So, you might be wondering why we wanted 150 of these sachets?

Well, next week Jeremy and Brian are heading out to San Francisco for the Marketing 360 Exchange – an event held for CMO’s that runs over 3 days –  to deliver a presentation about…yes, you guessed it: Becoming a Consumer-Eccentric Business! 

In their presentation they will talk about how engaging people at the fringes, from the hackers who customise and innovate, to the rejecters who avoid whole categories, can often reveal key insights and create transformational ideas, critical to making businesses, people and brands create better things.

Aligned with Sugru’s ethos of “Hack things better…it just makes sense” – we thought it would be a lovely idea to hand out some of the sticky stuff to the people there on the day.


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