Problem Solving Consultancy: From An Eight Year Old



Meet Miss Evie Mouse K.G.B, R.S.V.P, M.B.A.

She is an eight year old problem solving consultant, highly recommended by her first client: her father.

Evie has her very own website which offers her problem solving services for a fee: £1.00 for very hard problems and 10p for those which are easier to solve.

As Evie says:

‘I’m only eight and I haven’t got much experience in solving problems, but I’m pretty good at it.’

We think her idea is fabulously brilliant!!

So, inspired by her simple approach to problem solving I did a round-robin of the Sense Worldwide studio, asking people to contribute their problems. Here is what they asked:

• My mum wears too much make-up, which sometimes can be embarrassing, what can I do to encourage her to wear less?

• I often get presents that I don’t like! How can I get people to buy me things I love?

• I eat too many sweets, especially Cola Bottles and Fruit Salads…how can I stop?

• I never know what to get my mum for her birthday – can you give me some ideas?

• My name is Quindarious Gooch and I’m thinking about changing my name. Do you have any advice on what I should change it to?

• I often lose my stuff – how can I make sure I keep it in the future?

• I would like my boss’s job: how can I get it? ;0)

• We need to decide what the future of footwear will be, can you help?

• I often get lots of pocket-fluff – what’s the best solution for getting rid of it?

I reckon some of these questions are in the £1 bracket of difficulty and may take some time to answer! But Evie, if you’re reading this perhaps we can have a discount for bulk-buying your advice?

Or, (and here’s where we might be able to solve a problem for you Evie), if you have the problem of too many questions and too little time, how about this: Jacky, who works in our studio has a nine year old son called Ben who would love to come into partnership with you – would you consider?

He’s very knowledgeable indeed….

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