Featured Senser: Meet Natalia from Barcelona


Featured Senser Le Petit Pot

The Sense Network is our global community of smart and articulate individuals that share their collective wisdom to help make things better and make better things. The Sensers (as we call them) are our eyes and ears on the ground, always scouting out the latest trends, able to bring fresh views when collaborating on projects. Every couple of weeks we have a new ‘Featured Senser’ which is our way of showcasing some of the high calibre members with unique interests and passions. This week we’ve been catching up with Natalia from Barcelona.

After meeting up in Barcleona for one of our latest projects, we felt it absolutely necessary to introduce everyone to Natalia, aka Le Petit Pot. With a great knowledge of DIY, craft and ‘cute’ trends in Barcelona and other cities, she’s your go to for DIY tutorials, recommendations on where to get your next ‘cute’ fix and where the next yarnbombing meet’s at.


Hi Natalia, please introduce yourself to everyone

Hi! I’m Natalia, a creative crafter from Barcelona who loves her city, traveling and DIY lifestyle. I’ve got a curious eye and I like sharing what happens around me through my blog. I think it can always be interesting and useful for someone who has a similar taste to me

What do you do and what excites you about what you do?

I’m a graduate of Journalism, I work as a creative and graphic designer in a communication agency. In fact, before working in that job, I was a Social Media Manager, so what really excites me about what I do is always being motivated about what I’m doing and always learning new things.

Are you working on any personal projects?

I’ve got a little personal brand called Le Petit Pot with an Etsy shop and a blog where I share my work and all the things and activities related to my lifestyle. Thanks to Le Petit Pot, I’m involved in different Barcelona collectives related to DIY life, crafts and street art such as La Guerrilla de Ganxet (urban yarnbombing movement). I like sharing all my passion for DIY and handcrafted items through my social network profiles and my blog; Le Petit Pot, where I share with the world -handcrafted stuff, my trips (I’m a urban lover) and other finds (food, cute, Barcelona places and events…).


Are there any trends, cultural shifts or movements emerging in Barcelona right now that really excite you?

There are lots of independent illustrators and art collectives in Barcelona. You can check their work in many galleries and fairs that take place in the city. There’s also a DIY and craft resurgence in the city. Duduá is an initiative that works in recovering old hand craft techniques and adapts them to nowadays.

To find out more about Natalia’s passions outside of work, her recommendations for visitors when in the city and how she’d like to see brands change visit The Sense Network. Want to be our next featured senser? Sign up to The Sense Network here and tell us all about yourself.

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