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The Sense Network is our global community of smart and articulate individuals that share their collective wisdom to help make things better and make better things. The Sensers (as we call them) are our eyes and ears on the ground, always scouting out the latest trends, able to bring fresh views when collaborating on projects. Every couple of weeks we have a new ‘Featured Senser’ which is our way of showcasing some of the high calibre members with unique interests and passions. This week we’ve been catching up with Carla from Rio de Janeiro. 

Hi Carla, please introduce yourself to everyone

Hi! I’m Carla from sunny Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I’m 29 and  I love to meet new people and participate on exciting projects! Last year I was living in Berlin, I took a course there. I loved the experience, I met so many incredible people and learned so much. Although Berlin is amazing, I was so homesick that I had to come back!

What do you do and what excites you about what you do?

I work as a Design Thinking consultant. I love how we try to create or improve services for customers. I’m a very picky person in terms of how services are provided to customers, so I really want companies to provide the best services they can offer.

What do you find most inspiring about your city? And what would you recommend that a visitor to Rio de Janeiro should see or do while they’re there?

I think people are the most inspiring thing in Rio. We’re really simple and warm (and pretty! Kidding). We really have an outgoing way of life. I would recommend (wow, so many things) but I would recommend a visit to Santa Teresa, a lovely neighbourhood here in Rio. It has some really nice places like Parque das Ruínas and Chácara do Céu and you have a great view of the city. If you have the chance, you should explore the beaches in “Região dos Lagos” like Búzios and Arraial do Cabo. They’re beautiful.

Are there any trends, cultural shifts or movements emerging in Rio de Janeiro right now that really excite you?

We are having a lot of social movements as protests on the way government is handling things. I think it’s great, I’ve been to some of those and we all have the feeling that Brazil just “woke up”. More information on the riots can be found here.

Riots in Rio de Janeiro

Photo taken by Carla Tanaka at the riots in Rio.

To read Carla’s full interview visit The Sense Network. You can also see our previous Featured Senser, Natalia from Barcelona here. Want to be our next featured senser? Sign up to The Sense Network and tell us all about yourself.

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