Why bankers are now more creative at research than marketers

Vector illustration of a suitcase full of icons that convey many tools

Just as marketers are trying to come to terms with big data, the world’s most sophisticated financial minds are finding creative ways to escape from it. At Sense Worldwide, we work with consumer giants like Nike, PepsiCo and Samsung, but we also work with private equity companies on the prowl for big takeover opportunities. I […]

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TCDisrupt – the best bits

Tech Crunch Disrupt logo

I recently had the opportunity to attend this years TechCrunch Disrupt event in London. An annual event hosted by TechCrunch, which has become a popular platform for technology startups at which they launch their products and services and try and to raise their profile with the venture capital investors, the media and early adopters. This was my first […]

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Top Twitter Takeaways


In this weeks #TopTwitterTakeaways we look at how to improve efficiency in a business, how ‘Ello’ the new social network plans to stay ad-free with an interesting business model and we hear predictions on the future of tech and whether China can make it as a leading global innovator.

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