Agile Innovation

Most companies have plenty of great ideas already. The challenge is getting them to market, and getting them to work. Many big corporates use a stage gate approach, where ideas are developed and then subjected to rigorous tests at each development stage. If they don’t pass, they’re killed.

“Stage gate processes are as useful at predicting an innovation’s success as throwing somebody into a pond predicts whether they’re a witch.”

Brian Millar, Head of Strategy at Sense Worldwide,
Fast Company, May 2013

We think that’s a terrible waste. Instead, we take a Silicon Valley approach and pivot ideas at each stage. If a product has got this far, let’s not kill it until we’ve tried to take it in some new directions. And if a product has already launched, let’s analyse the data that comes back as obsessively as any digital entrepreneur. Is there a health product inside this finance tracker?

Remember, Flickr used to be a game. Twitter used to be a podcast site. And Herm├Ęs used to make saddles. What ideas is your company sitting on that would be brilliant with a few tweaks? Let’s find out.