The story of A4art


When we started back in the late 90s we broke the mould of traditional research companies. Our aim was to develop a new model for working in the future and not be constrained by the procedures of the past. Our work revolved around research and networking and we chose to work with clients and participants who were interested in the future and committed to change. These ‘participants’ were the early incarnation of the Sense Network.

A small group of well-connected, highly motivated people built on word of mouth, the Sense Network grew from a nucleus of 30 individuals, to over 4,000 in 36 countries.

Before the internet grew up and matured our network was one of the ways in which we were able to gain insights into the social, cultural and economic trends that acted as bellwethers of change. This enabled us to anticipate change and offer advice on how to manage the changes creatively and effectively.

A4art was conceived as the ideal vehicle to promote Sensers’ personal views and give them a voice while also promoting the idea of the network. The basic premise of A4art is that members of the Sense Network either send in or email works they have created. The only requirement is that the piece must be on or made from an A4 piece of material, the obvious choice was paper but people submitted fabric, wood and canvasses.

A4art exhibitions were held in London, Buenos Aires, Amsterdam and Chongqing in China. You can see some images of the exhibitions and the art on our Flickr page.

We haven’t done an A4art for a while. The world’s moved on and so have we. We learnt a lot from them though. We take the experimental ethos of our early non commercial projects like A4art and noWax and weave them into today’s commercial projects as much as we can. Recently we conducted a research ‘road trip’ for Samsung and now we’re working on a project to find the most interesting leading edge people around the globe for a drinks manufacturer (can’t say who yet.) If you’d like to join the network and get involved in projects like these hop over to the Sense Network. See you there.